Mineral water producer in Ghana goes solar with REDAVIA

A contract between Special Ice Company and REDAVIA promises the installment of nine solar panels at their factory. The signing of the contract between the mineral water producer and the solar power company happened in December 2018. The Special Ice factory is located in the Oyarifa district in Accra, Ghana.

Water from the Special Ice Company

The Special Ice Company produces natural mineral water in Ghana. Their motto is to provide water at an affordable price, wherever, to all Ghanaians. The treated water comes from underneath the Aburi Mountains, close to Accra. The amount of water produced each year is unclear, although Special Ice says to be available across the country. With the Sustainable Development Goal 6 in mind, the choice to go solar seems to be a step in the right direction. SDG6 wants to ‘ensure availability and sustainable management of water for all’. Using solar instead of fossil fuels will help the sustainable management of the water production of Special Ice. Their choice to go solar will, besides reducing their own costs, lower their impact on the environment.

The Special Ice Company website is currently out of business. For information on the water company, go to the Ghana Trade website.

Solar Power at Water Factory
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The new solar plant will have a total of 756 kWp, which means it is the biggest REDAVIA solar farm thus far. REDAVIA is active in West and East Africa, with a total of 2000 kWp solar installed. Their goal is to provide a affordable, clean and reliable energy. For Special Ice, a get-go lease contract is setup which results in Special Ice owning the plant at the end of the contract. According to the press release from REDAVIA and Special Ice, both parties are very content with the deal.


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