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Numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) active in Ghana also provide support for solar power projects. The main focus of most NGOS is broader than or renewable energy in general. Most initiatives aim to provide clean energy to places where the energy supply is now lacking as a part of their broader goal and mission. Furthermore, the station of most NGOs is not in Ghana and aim for sustainable change in multiple countries at the same time.

NGO Support

Although Ghana has a stable economy, financial and other resources for (small) businesses are still lacking. Specifically in the renewable energy sector, research, knowledge management and financing are barriers for further development. These barriers can potentially be solved by NGOs, since they focus, among others, on research, education and financing. Most NGOs work closely with the government to reach the renewable energy goals.

Types of Projects

As mentioned before, most NGOs have a broad focus and support (sustainable) development in general. Most NGOs list their previous projects on their website.  Since most NGOs have a broad focus, many projects might fit their scope. To be sure your project would with the scope of the NGO, the previous and current projects on their website give a good insight. Find more on the solar sector in general on our solar sector Ghana page.

To inform you on the solar active NGOs in Ghana, a list is constructed below. For more specific information, please visit their website.

NGOs Active with Solar

NameDescriptionHead Office City
360 Ghana360 Ghana is broader engaged than just renewable energy, they aim for changing the whole economy by changing the linear value chains to a circular ones. The SDGs from the United Nations help them to achieve their goals. This vision on a new economy is not only spread in Ghana, but in the whole of West Africa under the name of Environment360. By becoming a member of Environment360, which is possible for individuals and small and large companies, they support environmental solutions, primarily in the recyling sector.Accra
Centre for Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development (CEESD)CEESD is a non-profit organisation tackling energy poverty and environmental problems like climate change and degradations. This is done by promoting interventions for sustainable development in local communicties, mainly by providing solar solutions and researching the renewable energy topic.Kumasi
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)This German NGO promotes agriculture, governance and sustainable economic development in many countries as well as Ghana. As a part of sustainable economic development, GIZ invests in the growing clean energy industry in Sub Saharan Africa.Accra
Energy 4 ImpactEnergy 4 Impact is a non-profit organisation working with local businesses to extend access to energy in East and West Africa. With the use of sustainable clean energy, they want to improve the livelihoods of many and accelerate the economic growth in African countries.This is achieved by supporting enterprises, financial support and innovation.London, England
Energy FoundationThis Ghana based NGO is devoted to the promotion of renewable and efficient energy in Ghana. The NGO is established as a public-private sector partnerships with a common goal, clean energy.Accra
IRENAThis global intergovernmental alliance support countries in their transation to clean energy. IRENA mobalises various sources of investments for renewable energy projects, ranging from solar to hydropower.Abu Dhabi
KITEKITE develops and implements public benefit projects in the clean energy sector. Their vision is to bring electricity access to all by using innovative solutions like solar power.Accra & Kumasi
REEEP REEEP mobilises private investment to enhance clean energy services in Ghana and other countries. This brings together their aims of expanding the energy access, improving the lives and economic opportunities of people in these countries, building sustainable markets and combatting climate change.Vienna, Austria
SNV - Netherlands Development OrganisationSNV is the development organization of the Netherlands, with a local presence in several countries worldwide, among which Ghana is one since 1992. Their expertise is in agriculture, energy, water and sanitation &sHygiene. Working together with local public and private partners, SNV facilitates and finances market progress in the clean energy market.Accra
Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)This NGO has the mission of delivering renewable energy in an efficient way to people without stable access. They try to achieve their goals by doing research, listen to energy poor people and connecting stakeholders and find solutions to problems. SEforALL is active in all ECOWAS countries.Vienna, Austria & Washington, USA

Note: We tried our best to list all important NGOs active in the solar sector in Ghana. Is your NGO missing or do you know a NGO that should be on this list? Let us know!