Two new solar projects announced in Ghana

Last month, two new big solar projects were announced for Ghana. The first will be a solar plant located at the industrial area of Kasapreko, an African bitters producer. The second of the solar projects will be of a larger scale, close to Takoradi. This will be Africa’s first industrial solar park.

Kasapreko plant

The solar plant at Kasapreko will be an Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This means a developer handles the project, including the finances and installation. Since they handle the solar project, they will pay almost no money for the location, in this case the Kasapreko area. In return, Kasapreko gets a lower electricity price.

Takoradi industrial park

The second of the solar projects will be an industrial park at Takoradi is a combined project from Siemens Ghana and WestPark. A special aspect of this project is it being expendable while the site develops. What this means, is that the electricity is continuous, also during the built of new buildings.

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