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A variety of companies is active in the solar sector in Ghana, operating in several business segments. These segments differ from retailers to wholesalers and importers. Most solar retailers are located around Accra and Kumasi. With the help of solar home systems, also rural areas and communities outside these cities have access to solar power. Furthermore, these companies do not only operate within the borders of Ghana. Most cross the national border with their activities or originate from another country in the first place.

An overview of solar companies active in Ghana is found below, including the location of their head offices. The division of the companies is based on the type of solar system application, although most companies have a variety of systems available. On our types of systems page, an overview and explanation is available on the the different characteristics and components of solar systems to help you decide what fits best with your needs.


Minigrid Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
REDAVIAREDAVIA, a German based company focussed on Ghana and other African countries, is owner of several solar farms. These farms are mostly for rent for off-grid as well as on-grid solutions.Accra
Black Star SolarBlack Star Energy is part of Energicity Corp. The company develops minigrids in Ghana to provide energy to communities without a reliable grid connection.Kumasi

Off-Grid / Commercial Scale Companies

Company nameDescriptionHead Office City
DENGThis Danish engineering company offers, besides other engineering products, solar solutions. They take care of import, distribution, retail and maintenance of the systems.Accra
Dutch & CoDutch & Co handles the importation, installment and maintenance of solar systems in Ghana. With their focus on LED solutions, they want to reduce the electricity consumption even more.Accra
FranerixThis Ghana based company delivers commercial scale systems, as well as home systems. They want to offer a complete package to their customers. Besides solar systems, they are also familiar with the wind energy sector. Lashibi
EnergyPlusThis Ghana based company is active in the renewable energy sector, mainly focussing on solar energy on commercial scale.Accra
Naiko engineeringNaiko Engineering is specialized in circuit-design and micro-controller configuration for the off-grid sector.Accra
NocheskiNocheski provides the installment of on and off-grid residential systems. If needed, they have sufficient knowledge to offer a battery supported system.Accra
PowerlandPowerLand focuses on designing and providing power backup systems for services where power needs are critical, like bank ATMs, data servers, offices and homes.Accra
Power WorldPower world is an electronics company and delivers power electronics to several segments in Ghana, mainly to homes and companies.Accra
ProsoliaProsolia develops solar farms to supply rural areas with energy. Besides this, they also provide homes with solar systems and commercial customers with off-grid systems. Their goal is to cover the entire value-chain of the new energy source. This includes financing and maintenance of the system.-
Solar Light CompanySolar Light offers the design and installation for solar systems, mainly for homes and commercial scale projects. Accra
SunergySunergy is a full-service provider, dealing with the delivery, installment and maintenance of the systems. With a seat in the Peduase (eastern region), they try to improve the policies for power producers.Aburi
Sunrise solar solutionsSunrise Solar provides customized solar solutions to businesses in Ghana, from design to installation. Most projects entail solar power plants and rooftop solar installation. London (England)
UMAWAUMAWA delivers a variety of solar solutions. They apply solar technology for residential use, commercial customers and utility scale projects.
Volta powerThis company from San Francisco brings solar systems to commercial scale projects in Ghana. With a flexible financing system, they aim to help customers who spend to much money on their energy (diesel) bills. Accra
Yingli NameneThe offerings from Yingli Namene range from utility scale power plant to solar lighting products. The company works in West and East Africa, with a head office in England.London (England)

Solar Home Systems Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
ABESABES offers solar products, as well as biomass and wind energy. As for training and education on the energy sector in Ghana, this company can also be your go-to.Accra
AEKO SolarAEKO Solar designs and installs solar systems for homes. The founder of the company is a retired professor of the Kwame Nkrumah University, which is why the company is focussed on research into new solutions as well.Kumasi
Azuri TechnologiesThis power provider delivers PayGo solar systems to off-grid areas in several sub Saharan countries, including Ghana. They use local partners to distribute and install the systems. With a mobile money service, they collect the costs for the systems once a week of once a month. Alongside their headquarter in England, they also have offices in Kenya and Nigeria.Cambridge (England)
Freelight SolarFreelight Solar is based in Accra and provides Solar Home Systems inside Ghana. Further information is not available.Accra
NocheskiNocheski provides the installment of on and off-grid residential systems. If needed, they have sufficient knowledge to offer a battery supported system.Accra
PEG AfricaPeg Africa provides solar home systems with pay-as-you go financing. Accra
Solar Light CompanySolar Light offers the design and installation of solar systems, mainly for homes and commercial scale projectsAccra
Suka wind & solar energySuka delivers solar power systems to homes and businesses on and off the grid. By training the local staff of the businesses, they can take full control of their new systems. Accra
Wilkins engineeringWilkins specializes in solar home systems, expanding to commercial scale system like hospitals and corporate agencies.Accra
Zola ElectricZola electric offers off-grid solar power to households with the possibility of periodic payments for the energy use. Their headquarter is based in Tanzania, but also deliver to Ghana and other sub-Saharan countries.Arusha

Utility Scale Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
Blue Power EnergyBlue Power Energy is developing a large scale solar farm in Ghana to supply green energy to the grid.Accra

Wholesale / Manufacturer Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
Translight SolarTranslight installs and maintains solar systems. They offer full purchase systems and installment plans. Accra

Note: We tried our best to list all important companies active in the solar sector in Ghana. Is your company missing or do you know a company that should be on this list? Let us know!